Without doubt our Selfie-Mirror is one of the best purchases we ever made. I can remember so clearly driving up to Norfolk to collect it at the beginning of 2018, then full of excitement the very next day we exhibited the Selfie-Mirror with our Photo Booth at a Wedding Fair.

We were swamped the whole day; everyone loved the Selfie-Mirror. It felt like we had struck gold! We have since gone on to purchase a second Selfie-Mirror in 2021.

The Selfie-Mirror appeals to people firstly in its appearance. Our Hollywood light bulb frame stops you in your tracks. So many people ask, “What is it”? We explain it’s a Selfie-Mirror and it takes photos and to this day people are still in disbelief. The only way to ease their curiosity is to show them, their eyes light up with delight, like they have just witnessed a magic trick, maybe that’s why it’s also called a Magic Mirror.

Brides love the Selfie-Mirror because it takes full length photos. Well let’s be honest, you have to show that wonderful dress at every given opportunity. It’s also perfect at taking large group shots, so family photos, stag groups and hen parties too. Plus, the more personal photos of the Bride & Groom, Parents and Grandparents.

My biggest bugbear, having seen other companies operate their Selfie-Mirror is pointing the Selfie into the room, by doing this everyone and everything in the background of your special photo. Personally, I want everyone to have a really nice photo which they can look back on with fond memories. To prevent this, we provide a white backdrop as standard to give your photos a professional finish. I can assure you that this makes a world of difference. We also provide a Premium Backdrop service which costs an additional £30, there are eight to choose from which can be seen here.

We offer a fantastic Selfie-Mirror service. The cost of which is £375, for three hours, usually from 8.00-11.00, the photos are unlimited in that time.  You have three frames to choose from, Ornate Silver and Gold or our Hollywood lit frame. Your photos will be personalised and dated. Plus, all the props, hats and signs as well as stationary are provided. Each guest will receive two photos, one to keep and one to add to your album which will be given to you at the end of the evening.

Our Unique Selling Point is our Online Gallery. With each photo we hand to your guests, we also give them a card which has an exclusive PIN number. The next day you and your guests can access your photos, share them to your Social Media accounts and download them to your phones. We receive so many compliments about this; it’s such a simple but effective way of sharing your special occasion. Much better than having a USB of all your photos which you’ll put in a drawer and forget about.

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