Selfie Premium

Let me introduce you to our best kept secret, the one product I don’t mention enough, which is without doubt the best Photo Booth product we offer. The Selfie Premium.

Two Questions. If the Selfie Premium is so good why don’t you mention it? Also, why is this product cheaper than the Photo Booth and Selfie-Mirror? These are questions which are often raised when I mention the Selfie Premium.

Firstly, we like what we know and trust, we like a Photo Booth because we all understand it. It has that classic appeal; we like the WOW factor of the Selfie-Mirror because it’s like taking a picture on your mobile. These are both experiences we feel comfortable with.

As soon as you venture away from this and offer something unknown, regardless of how good it is, people start to feel a little unsure and need convincing.

Take a step back and ask yourself, what is the one thing you take away from having your photo taken? The picture, obviously. So, it makes sense to have the best picture each and every time. However, people don’t see it that way. They look at the product and not what the product produces. The Selfie Premium takes the best, clearest and most detailed photos. Without question. That is why it’s called the Selfie Premium.

So why does the Selfie-Premium produce better pictures than the Photo Booth & Selfie-Mirror? Put simply it has an amazing camera and flash, consider it more of a Photo Shoot than a Photo Booth. You can control the light and the environment much better with the Selfie Premium which means you get a much better, more natural looking photo.

So, to answer the last question, why is it cheaper than the Photo Booth and Selfie-Mirror? What are we missing out on? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. You get the same great service, with everything that is included with Selfie-Mirror and Photo Booth.

It’s cheaper because we only need one person to operate and put it together, the saving in cost is the saving we make on staff. We pass the savings on.

Maybe a change of perspective is needed. Rather than why would I want a product that nobody knows? Instead ask yourself, wouldn’t you rather have a product that’s exclusive, that nobody has seen before? Wouldn’t you rather be the person looking for fresh ideas and alternatives? On top of that save some money also.

The cost of which is £325, for three hours, usually from 8.00-11.00, the photos are unlimited in that time. Your photos will be personalised and dated. Plus, all the props, hats and signs as well as stationary are provided. Each guest will receive two photos, one to keep and one to add to your album which will be given to you at the end of the evening.

I want everyone to have a really nice photo which they can look back on with fond memories. To prevent this we provide a white backdrop as standard to give your photos a professional finish. I can assure you that this makes a world of difference. We also provide a Premium Backdrop service which costs an additional £30, there are eight to choose from which can be seen here.

Our Unique Selling Point is our Online Gallery. With each photo we hand to your guests, we also give them a card which has an exclusive PIN number. The next day you and your guests can access your photos, share them to your Social Media accounts and download them to your phones. We receive so many compliments about this; it’s such a simple but effective way of sharing your special occasion. Much better than having a USB of all your photos which you’ll put in a drawer and forget about.

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