Why are Photo Booths so popular at Weddings?

Let me explain…

Why are Photo Booths and Selfie-Mirrors so popular at weddings? It’s a question I often ask myself. We purchased our first Photo Booth in December 2015 having seen so many at the weddings I attended as a DJ. I was told back then the bubble will burst soon, don’t waste your money.

It’s a good job for us I didn’t listen to them. We have since gone onto purchase a second Photo Booth, a Selfie-Mirror and our Selfie Premium service, which we imported from America. All of these services are booked every single week at weddings so rather than the bubble bursting it’s a service which continues to thrive. So why does it? Why are they so popular?

For the couple and guests alike the evening reception is the part where you let your hair down, do away with tradition, have a few drinks and enjoy yourself. 

This is where the Photo Booth or Selfie-Mirror come into their own. After the speeches your day guests will be mingling, catching up and taking in the big day. Then your evening guests will start to arrive and suddenly your wedding becomes one big reunion. All your guests will want to share and look back on those memories. Having their photo taken in the Photo Booth or Selfie-Mirror and then afterwards pinning it on their fridge will serve as a constant reminder of your big day. 

A photographer once said to me that “Photo Booths are like fast food photography” and he was right. As guests, especially if you are family you will be posing for countless many photos throughout the day. However, unlike a Photo Booth or Selfie-Mirror you won’t get a photo after each picture you pose for. Photo Booth and Selfie-Mirrors combined with a few drinks and a lot of laughter show your guests at their most comfortable. It’s a cost-effective way to entertainment your guests and to see them at their happiest. 

You may think it’s only the younger guests who will want their photos taken, but you’d be surprised. It’s often the older guests who’ll be the first up having their photos taken, they then pass their photos around on their tables. Before you know it you have always eight tables of guests waiting to have their photo taken. 

Photo Booth and Selfie-Mirrors appeal to all ages it’s a great chance to get those wonderful family photos, the Hen Party, The Stag Party, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and of course the happy couple.

As a couple you’ll be given a hardback guest book as well as an Online Gallery to look back on and share the memory of your big day. I receive so many messages from couples who still look back on their guest books saying how much they love having those photos to look back and read all the wonderful messages from their guests. It really is a very cost-effective way to entertain your guests plus having a wonderful keepsake to cherish and look back on. 

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